Located on the glamourous Xuan Dieu street, SEN TONKIN carves out a presence among an eclectic circle of deluxe hotels. Guests visiting Sen Tonkin are treated with a collection of traditional dishes, rich in Hanoi style, promising to create a grand culinary experience.

Sen Tonkin takes inspiration from “Sen”- lotus flower, considered the “national flower”, a symbol of the sophistication, purity and honour of the Vietnamese people. The lotus flower also represents victory, the drive for success in face of adversity, which is the motivation behind the restaurant- striving for firm and steady growth through heartfelt and professional services.

Sen Tonkin boasts a palatial space capable of hosting up to 300 guests, including 4 large dining rooms and 3 splendid private rooms. Sen Tonkin harbours the passion of fostering an immersive Vietnamese cultural space, where the modern converges with the traditional in beautiful harmony. Guests are invited on a culinary journey to explore the vast breadth of Vietnamese cultural identities imbued in the dishes from each region of the country.  Each dish can carry a different kind of experience: the longing for a distant past, the desire to discover the unique cuisine of the Northern region, or the simple wish to taste the authentic flavours of the countryside food, …

Sen Tonkin is operated by a team of well-trained and experienced hospitality professionals, striving for customer satisfaction as the ultimate motivation in business. The Executive Chef of Sen Tonkin has more than 20 years of experience working at 5-star hotel level, who is seasoned with knowledge and practical experience, talented in creating sophisticated dishes that preserve the authentic taste of Northern Vietnam and present Vietnamese cuisine to the world.

With a menu made up of a diverse range of dishes, from the traditional to the modern flavours, Sen Tonkin is capable of catering to a wide range of dietary preferences of customers. The esoteric recipes and the skilled hands of the Executive Chef are what set Sen Tonkin apart.

The grand space of Sen Tonkin makes for an excellent choice for events, gatherings, birthday celebrations, company receptions, or even outdoor BBQ parties.

“The soul of the earth, the soul of the country, the soul of the people and the soul of the profession”, all blend together, crafting the enticing charm of Sen Tonkin in the heart of Hanoi.

For the social-media-savvy food lovers, this restaurant is a must-see attraction and hot new “check-in” spot!